Can I call W2H?

No Phone Number?
Our business model is to have our support team focus on quickly answering your questions via email.
This can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • It keeps our subscription prices low by not having to staff phone banks
  • It allows time to research a question or issue and provide a more detailed response
  • It provides a reference to refer back to (helping us provide you better support in the future by knowing what your past questions have been)
  • It also helps you by providing a step-by-step guide for reference later
We realize this business model is not for everyone, but hopefully you will become confident that our email response time is quite fast and our emails are helpful in answering your questions.

We can assure you that we have real people answering your questions. Phone calls are just not a cost-effective method of communication for us. 
To keep our subscription prices low, our business model is to handle all support via email. Most emails are answered within minutes. Use the Contact WhenToHelp link on the bottom left of your homepage when signed in at WhenToHelp which will include your account information automatically and save time or you can email (please include your account number).

We provide full and free support for all paid and trial users.