Email & Text Message Notifications

Your coordinator may have entered one or more emails for you. 

To view and change your email and text message notifications:

  • In the top menu, choose Info to go to the Information section
  • Click the blue button: Edit Email/ Text Notifications 
  • Click the Add Email link, or for an email already entered, click the Select/ADD Notifications link
add notices

edit notices

This will open the Notifications Address Settings window where you can check off when you want to be notified at this particular address. 

Checking the "Use as my "Reply-To" address allows a message you send to a helper or coordinator to be forwarded to their email. The recipient will be able to reply back to you by email at that address. Note: If you do not have a reply-to address set up, coordinators and helpers will have to sign in and use the Messaging section to respond to your message. 

If you enter and select an email address, your notifications will begin immediately. 

If you choose a text message address, the messages will be shorter (15 characters max). You will be prompted to go to your cell phone and get the 4 digit validation sent by WhenToHelp, and then enter it into your notifications page. Once you have entered the validation code, your notifications will begin.