Latest W2H Features

Our latest look includes the following new features:

  • If your coordinator allows it, you can now message multiple recipients on any message (contact your scheduling coordinator if you do not see this option on your Write Message page).
  • Now the Everyone's Weekly Schedule View shades your shifts green and you will see a tradeboard icon Tradeboard Icon if your shift is on the tradeboard. When filtered to view only "My Positions", the view will also show a tradeboard icon Tradeboard Icon for others' shifts on tradeboard.
  • My Schedule Monthly View now includes the total hours scheduled for that month.
  • If your coordinator allows helpers to pick up open shifts: When you click an open shift you can see how many pending offers have already been made by other helpers to pick up that shift
  • If your coordinator allows use of Tradeboard: New Monthly Tradeboard View includes a filter to view only trades or drops, etc.