Sync your Schedule with Outlook

We recommend that you sign in at WhenToHelp frequently to check your schedule and read messages or notices posted by your scheduling coordinator so that you are always up to date. You also may find it convenient to view your shifts within your Outlook calendar. 

To view your scheduled shifts in Outlook, the recommended method is to set up an Export to Google Calendar, then follow the steps below to link up your Google Calendar and Outlook. This ensures that the shifts are updated in Outlook when schedules change or new shifts are published. 

After creating a Google Calendar Export

Sign in to your Google Account and open your Google Calendar. 

  1. Click the down arrow next to "My calendars" (A below) and choose Settings (B
  2. Click the name of your WhenToHelp Google Calendar. (C
  3. Scroll down to "Private Address" and click the green ICAL button (D
  4. Right-click the URL and choose "Copy link address" (E

Launch Outlook and click Calendar 

  1. In Outlook 2007 - In the top menu under "Tools", choose "Account Settings" (A below) and click to the "Internet Calendars" tab (B) and click "New" (C)
    In Outlook 2010 - In the Home menu ribbon, in the “Manage Calendars” pane click "Open Calendar" and choose "From Internet
  2. Click in the input field and Paste the URL - (hold down CTRL and press V) and click Add (D
  3. Under Update Limit, UNCHECK the box (E) and click OK (F

You can now view your Google Calendar from Outlook.