I have a shift I want to get rid of...

If you have a shift you want to drop or trade you can do a number of things:

  1. Ask for time off or message your coordinator
    Depending on your coordinator's rules they may allow you to send in a time off request for the day you are scheduled - and they can decide whether or not to remove you from that shift. Or you may be able to send them a message explaining your situation. If you are allowed to request time off online, you will see "TIME OFF" in the top menu and on your home page.

  2. Propose a "private" trade - find another helper's shift that you like and ask them to trade. 
    Look at Everyone's schedule - find a shift you prefer and click the shift to propose a trade directly with that person for that particular shift. If you click a shift that you are eligible to trade, you will see a Propose a Trade link in the shift window. You can then choose the shift you want to trade from your list. The other helper will be notified of your offer and they will need to approve the offer.

        If required it will then be sent to your coordinator for approval.

  3. Add the Shift to the Tradeboard
    Click on your shift and then click the Add Shift to Tradeboard link. You can set whether you want to drop or trade for another shift. Once added to the Tradeboard you will be notified when someone offers to trade their shift or just pick up your shift. If you have certain helpers in mind that might want to trade, you can message them telling them your shift is on the Tradeboard and available.

    If you agree to the trade then it is sent to your coordinator for approval.
    NOTE: If you do not agree to the trade a message is sent to the other helper BUT your shift is not automatically put back on the Tradeboard, you must go in and repost your shift on the Tradeboard if you still want to trade that shift.