View Everyone's Schedule

If your coordinator allows helpers to see Everyone's Schedule, you will see that option on your Welcome page (and also on your My Schedule page). 

View everyone's schedule

The complete schedule for everyone can viewed in four different layouts: Daily, Weekly (shown), Monthly and Chart. Note: This view defaults to only show the positions that you are set to be able to help. To view all shifts, be sure to choose All Positions in the Display dropdown menu on the right. 

IN-OUT View under Everyone's Schedule
This view is especially helpful if you have more than one shift per day. It shows you the times you start and end helping each day. Depending on how your coordinator has set it up, you may see one week at a time or up to a month at a time on this new view. 

Clicking any shift brings up the Shift Details window where you can get more information about the shift and the helper scheduled for it. 

(Each helper can set whether they want their phone number and email address to be viewable by other helpers on their Info page. Some helpers' information may not be viewable for this reason).

If the shift is for a position you can be scheduled for, you will see a Propose a Trade link.